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Like our predecessors who made the mountain in this image, we have a mountain to climb to realise this idea.

That’s why it’s important to us to find out what you think of a Leamington Lights Festival. We also want to capture the memories of people who attended the festival in the past.

During our feasibility study we will be running a series of consultation meetings. This will include talking to a range of organisations who could help us deliver the festival as well as the business, tourism, environmental, artistic and creative communities.

We also very much want to hear from the wider community.

Soon we will make a survey available, so in the meantime we invite you to register for updates about this project via our newsletter (by clicking the relevant button below).

Also, when it is ready, please come back and take a couple of minutes to complete our online survey. We want the community at the heart of this event, so please tell us what you think.

Please take our survey, drop us a line by email or register for our updates if you wish to find out more or get more involved.

Key Dates

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The Feasibility Study will be carried out in early 2022 between January and April. Curated Place will be carrying out research, interviews, workshops and other kinds of data gathering such as via our survey and social media. There will also be opportunities for the community to find out more at local events listed below.

Feasibility Study Launch:
February 2022
Public Survey:
March 2022 – 15th April 2022
Stakeholder Interviews and Workshops:
March & April 2022
The outcome of all this work will be reviewed by the steering group in the middle of the year with a view to making a decision on next steps.